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As a proficient 3D motion graphics and visual effects artist, I seek to offer fresh perspectives and solutions to the motion media business sector, covering everything from corporate videos, documentaries, advertisements, to independent film making ventures and abstract digital art.

My main skills are in motion graphics, visual effects and compositing. I enjoy filming and editing and prefer working in a mainly live action based environment. I also have a strong foundation in 3D modelling and animation.

I love telling stories using visual media, and I find the challenge of creating stories from the ground up extremely satisfying. I strive to create media that inspires action, and that still preserves artistic excellence. I take pride in my clean workflow practices and enjoy creating strong visual media, that are above all interesting, compelling and engaging.

As a 3D motion graphic designer I have gained excellent client interaction skills, time management, good communication, and I am self motivated and determined. I work easily under pressure and have never missed a deadline.

Specialized in:

Marketing Video, Explainer video, Promotional Video, Animation, Flash Animation, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Demo, Video Producer, Video Editing, Presentation Video, Whiteboard Animation, Typography Animation, Kinetic Animation, Stop Motion, Motion Graphics, Product Demo Video, Start up Video, Engaging Video, App Video, online marketing video, video marketing, video production, post production, pre production, 3D engineering demo video presentation, 3D arichitectural views, Interior and exterior 3D walk through designing, Sound editing and remixing for videos, Creative Art Director, Visual communication and infographic designer,

Web Designing, Graphic designing, HTML5, CSS style sheet, Java scripting, Illustrations, Online graphic element like Logo, Banner, Flyers, Brochure, Corporate stationary designing, Website layout designing, mobile application interface designing.    More....>>

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